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Used Ultra Lights ~ November 04

Year Price Category Availability ID#
1999 38,000.00 CDN Advanced Ultralight YES 5
1995 70,000.00 CDN Homebuilt YES 20
1997 35,800.00 US Homebuilt YES 22
1999 29,900.00 CDN Advanced Ultralight YES 28
1991 19,500.00 CDN Advanced Ultralight YES 45
1998 30,000.00 CDN Advanced Ultralight YES 49
2002 11,600.00 US KIT YES 50
1998 16,000.00 US Advanced Ultralight YES 53
1998 38,000.00 CDN Advanced Ultralight YES 60
1971 13,000.00 CDN Basic Ultralight YES 97
1994 24,995.00 CDN Basic Ultralight YES 101
2002 23,900.00 CDN Advanced Ultralight YES 102
1999 40,000.00 CDN Basic Ultralight YES 103
1993 26,500.00 Basic Ultralight YES 104

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ID#60, Rans S-7C , 1998,$32,000.00 CDN FLOATS

Location: Ontario

Make: Rans
Year Kit was Purchased:
Year Kit was first Flown:
Total Hours:
Engine Type:
Rotax 582
Engine Last Overhaul:
40 left till overhaul
Engine Horsepower:
Hangered or Parked outside:
Long, Short or Standard Wing:
Registered as:
Advanced Ultralight

Winter cockpit heat, fuel flow/tach/hr meter, climb and bank rate, wheels, tear drop struts and float gear, manuals, 2 headsets and intercom, 2nd set of full lotus floats, extra bladders, low pressure air guage.

Fuel Tank:
80 Litres
Floats: 1260 full lotus
Any Accidents: N/A.
What Type of Prop: Warp Drive 3 Blade, ground adjustable.
Type of Reduction Drive:
Rotax C Box
Parts Changed:
Brand new windsheild
Performance: Empty 680, gross 1050
$32,000.00 CDN

 Genesis Ultralight Aircraft.

Genesis Ultralight


Thank you for your interest in the Genesis!

This new and exciting aircraft is the advanced ultralight and all around fun machine of the future. We have demanded a lot from this design, and it has exceeded our goals in every aspect. At the same time, it is one of the most relaxing and fun aircraft to fly. Excellent control authority, very predictable in flight, and unmatched performance for this type of aircraft.

Cross-country flights are comfortable and cost efficient. With 20 US gallons of MOGAS on board and a 4 cycle Rotax 912 using 4.0 gallons per hour, the Genesis can go the distance.

Many options are available for the Genesis. You can customize this plane to suit any of your flying or training needs.

The Genesis introduced in 1994 is a side by side seating two place, using tricycle landing gear, in a pusher configuration. The designer Chuck Hamilton, also

Empty Weight: 450 lbs.
Gross Weight: 1000 lbs.
Wing Span: 26 ft. 8 in.
Wing Area: 155 sq. ft.
Engine: 503 Rotax
Cruise Speed: 90 m.p.h.
Stall Speed: 40 m.p.h.
VNE: 120 m.p.h.
Construction: Aluminum Tube/Fabric

 designed the popular Challenger line of aircraft. Construction is bolt together aluminum tube, covered in conventional aircraft covering materials. Building times 250/300 hrs. Two pilots can sit quite comfortably in its 43 inch wide cabin. Controls are stick and rudder, with optional yoke controls available. The factory reports that the craft has been tested to +7 and -5.6 Gs.

At cruise cabin noise is quite acceptable, visibility good, and pilot comfort rates an A. The Genesis has been offered to the public since 1992.

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